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Pehratek VDS-1000 Wireless Video VRA
Pehratek VDS-1000Q Quad Video VRA

Pehratek VDS-1000 Wireless Video VRA

This system features a bright, instant-on 15" display and continuous, animated, colorful cartoon images. The system includes a wireless handheld radio frequency remote control, durable metal housing, two AC power supplies with a 6 foot cord, and wall mounting brackets.


VDS-1000Q Quad Video VRA can also be purchased, which includes four 15" LCD Monitors.


Optional Add-Ons:

  • Wireless Video Centering Monitor (VDS-500)

  • Animated Low Profile Centering Box (LPA-440)

  • LIghted Duck Low Profile Centering Box (LPV-300)

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