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Products - Inventis Timpani Handheld Tympanometer / Screening Audiometer

Inventis Timpani

Inventis Timpani

Inventis Timpani

Inventis Timpani

Inventis Timpani

Inventis Timpani

Inventis Timpani ​Handheld Tympanometer and Screening Audiometer


The handheld tympanometer Timpani is a lightweight, compact and powerful device, designed to conduct middle ear screening tests simply, swiftly and accurately. It is capable of performing automatic tympanometry exam as well as, optionally licensed, acoustic reflexes test and screening pure tone audiometry. The device features a wide colour display with touchscreen interface.



Available with a range of optional licenses, the device is able to meet the needs of private medical practices, clinics and hospitals alike.

The basic version of Timpani allows performing only the screening tympanometry using 226 Hz probe tone. The optional available licenses are:


  1 kHz probe tone license

     To conduct tympanometry also on children


  Reflex license – Basic

    To conduct ipsilateral acoustic reflex test at 1 kHz


  Reflex license – Plus

    To conduct ipsilateral acoustic reflex test at 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 kHz


  Screening Pure Tone Audiometry

    To conduct pure tone air conduction audiometry



Upon request, Timpani can be supplied with its docking station, ideal to house the device, to recharge the battery and to transfer data to the PC at the same time. Moreover, it is possible to print your exam’s results directly from the device thanks to the thermal portable mini printer, available upon request too: the communication with Timpani is wireless, via Bluetooth connection.



Simply connect Timpani to a USB port on your computer, directly or putting it on the docking station and connecting the station to the PC, and you can transfer exam results into your Maestro or Noah database.

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