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Products - Vivosonic Aurix Newborn Hearing Screening System

Vivosonic Aurix Newborn Hearing Screening System

Aurix Newborn Hearing Screening System provides fully automated auditory brainstem response (ABR) screening to meet the demanding needs of universal newborn hearing screening programs. It detects the presence or absence of potential hearing loss with speed and accuracy, and demonstrates that technology can be advanced without being complicated.


The system is designed to work optimally with infants 34 weeks gestational age to 6 months. Vivosonic patented and advanced technologies, including SOAP Adaptive Processing andwireless recording technology, ensure superior response detection and ease of use. Clinical findings report its practical benefits over popular systems on the market.


Key Benefits

  • Screen awake and stirring infants

  • Reduce rescreens and referrals

  • Minimize rescheduling

  • Screen high-risk infants in the NICU and isolettes

  • Hold, feed or comfort infants while screening

  • Save hospital resources

  • Impact quality outcomes

  • Quick and easy to use

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