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Products - Vivosonic Integrity™ V500 System

Vivosonic Integrity™ V500 System

Using Kalman Weighted Filtering, the Integrity™ is able to generate superior diagnostic results without sedation. The first system to possess wireless capabilities, Integrity™ is a revolution in portable diagnostics, fitting unobtrusively on an alert child’s back who is playing quietly during testing, or into the OR. In addition, the Amplitrode™ (a miniature electrode mounted bio-amplifier) protects against electromagnetic noise, delivering clear results in places with electric and magnetic interferences such as Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), hospitals, military medical centers, Operating Rooms (OR) and other clinical settings. Integrity™ is also valuable in the rare instances where anesthesia is necessary and can be used for intra-operative monitoring.


All Integrity™ V500 Systems include VivoLink™  Wireless Interface Module with lanyard, Carrying Computer Case, Notebook Computer, Battery Charger, 8 NiMH AA batteries. Integrity™ V500 Software Installation CD-ROM, Integrity™ V500 User's Manual, and Database Software Module.


ABR/ECochG Modules include Amplitrode™ in-situ pre-amplifier, ER3-A-ABR Insert Earphones, B-71 Bone Conductor, Starter Set of Disposables for 100 Patients: Ear Tip Set ER3-A-ABR Insert Earphone - 100 ER3-14A (13mm) and 100 ER3-14B (10mm), Starter Single-Use Ear Tip Set - 156 pcs. in clear box, Impedence Tip Adapters, Abrasive Skin Prepping Gel (1 Tube), ABR Software License, ECochG Software License, Calibration CD-ROM, PDI Electrode Prep Pads, Single-Use Neuroline® Electrode 12 packs (25/pack), ECochG ER3-28V Electrode Eartip Cable with Clip-Snap and Starter Gold-foiled Ear Tip Set - 20 ER3-26A (13mm) and 20 ER3-26B (10mm), Spectra 360 Electrode Gel.


TEOAE and DPOAE Modules include P40 General-Use OAE Probe, Probe Cleaning Tool Set, Starter Single-Use Ear Tip Set - 156 pieces in a clear box, Peltor ear muffs, DPOAE Software License and/or TEOAE Software License.

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