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The Titmus V2 vision testing instrument features a compact lightweight foldable design for ease of handling, ergonomic design for patient comfort, standardized test illumination and an integrated handle for ease of transport.


All models in the VSeries family combine a variety of vision screening tests like visual acuity, binocularity, color and depth perception, muscle balance, astigmatism and perpheral vision to meet your vision testing requirements.



  • Perform peripheral vision testing in the horizontal visual field at 85, 70, 55 and nasal 45 degrees for each eye.

  • New long-lasting fluorescent slide illumination which closely replicates actual daylight conditions, providing true white light for accurate color preception testing.

  • Incorporate a unique style and accommodates adults and children of varying heights. This feature ensures that when a patient is seated or standing they are in a comfortable position for testing: essential for efficient and accurate testing.

  • Meet ANSI and ISO standards for illumination using a true white light source to give years of extended service.


Test Distances:

  • Far (20 feet/6m)

  • Near (14 inches/35cm)

  • Intermediate Distance (Optional)


Models available (click the model for a list of the slide sets included):

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