Products - Titmus Software and Cables for V2, V4, iSeries

Perform Vision Tests
Create Custom Standards
Maintain Subject Database
Store Subject Results

Titmus Software and Cables for V2, V4 or iSeries Vision Screeners

Titmus Software is a specialised Vision Screener management software developed for the iSeries and VSeries vision screeners. A demo version of the software is available for 10 days: 

Download Software Version 2015.01 and Quick Start Guide


Purchase includes cables to connect to vision screener. Please specify if you need cables for a iSeries, V2 or V4 at the time of order.


Key Features:


Manage your facilities subjects (employees) and keep track of their key Occupational Health details.


Control your vision screener directly from the PC and automatically record your subject's vision test results. Supports the new Honeywell Titmus V4.


Open interfaces provide accessible integration points for subject and test information to & from other systems; e.g. SAP.

Business Intelligence
Advanced statistics and reporting infrastructure allows you to extract all the information needed for printing, creating .pdf for e-mail, or creating .csv for manipulating the data in Excel.



Memory Requirements: Minimum 512 MB, 2GB required for large sites (more than 100,000 patients)

Operating System: Windows XP or later

Java: Oracle Sun Java Runtime 6

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