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Products - ndd EasyOne Spirometer with Screen Connector

ndd EasyOne with Screen Connector

ndd EasyOne Plus Spirometer with Easy Screen Connector

The EasyOne Plus is an easy-to-use diagnostic spirometer that can perform a full range of tests (FVC, FVL, MVV). It works well in primary care, industrial, hospital, and specialty physician situations. It is very accurate and has a vast memory of up to 700 subjects (first in -first out). Multiple units may be used with one cradle and single copy of EasyWareTM Software. This unit meets the 1994 ATS recommendations for diagnostic spirometry and also meets the NIOSH/OSHA and SSD guidelines. An automated comparison to predicted values (NHANES III, Knudson, Morris, Crapo, Dockery, Hsu) pre/post comparisons, and interpretation of results. This unit has automated QC and a graphic curve display.


The Easy Screen Connector is an optional cable which allows you to connect your EasyOne Spirometer to your computer, and features full online and offline spirometer functionality and provides in- and expiratory real-time curves on the PC screen. Can be purchased with a new EasyOne Spirometer or separately for your existing EasyOne Spirometer. (Customer to supply computer.)

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