Products - Inventis Clarinet Clinical Middle Ear Analyzer

Inventis Clarinet Clinical Middle Ear Analyzer

Clarinet is a clinical middle ear analyzer, featured with all the tests needed for a deep and accurate investigation of middle ear disorders. Automatic and manual tympanometry, acoustic reflex threshold, decay and latency examinations, ETF for intact and perforated eardrums, high frequency and multi-component tympanometry are all available and full results can be observed on a wide color touch screen display.


Endless Flow Pump. Clarinet immediately impresses for the incredible speed of its pump: the sweep speed can reach 600 daPa / sec, without compromising on accuracy and precision of tympanogram plots. The pump features an endless airflow technology, improving the execution of the test when the seal is not optimal.


Go In-Depth with Investigations. High-frequency and multi-component tympanometry, evaluation of multiple stimuli averaged reflex latencies together with the up-to-date measure of reflex plot angles of incidence are just some of the Clarinet advanced features that will take your clinical investigation to new levels.

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