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Products - ETS-Lindgren Sound Rooms

ETS-Lindgren RE-125 & RE-126
ETS-Lidgren RE-130 Sound Booth

ETS-Lindgren RE-125, RE-126 and RE-130 Sound Booths

The RE-125, RE-126 and RE-130 Sound Booths provide a self-contained environment for hearing conservation programs.These testing booths, maintained in inventory for repsonsive delivery, are shipped preassembled with floor-mounted casters which allow for quick setup. The space efficient design fits through most office doors. The booth includes built-in ventilation, lighting, and a pre-wired jack panel.


RE-125 Exterior Dimensions: 40" x 32" x 79"          RE-125 Interior Dimensions: 28" x 36" x 65"

RE-126 Exterior Dimensions: 29" x 39" x 79"          RE-126 Interior Dimensions: 34" x 24" x 65"

RE-130 Exterior Dimensions: 40" x 32" x 79"          RE-130 Interior Dimensions: 26" x 34" x 65"

The RE-130 testing booth, built with 3-inch thick panels, provides a higher degree of noise reduction for testing environments with inconsistent ambient conditions.


Key Features:

  • Acoustic floor with two locking and two non-locking casters

  • Acoustically engineered integrated ventilation system

  • Carpeting with cove base trim

  • Double glazed, laminated, acoustical safety glass window, 18" (wide) by 24" (high)

  • Electrical service via 12' 12 volt power supply

  • Fluorescent lighting with switch

  • Folding audiometer shelf

  • Preassembled pre-wired jack panel with 1 1/2" diameter pass-thru with cover plate



Floor and Roof Panels The acoustic roof and floor are 4" thick. The floor rests on two locking and two non-locking casters. For mobile units, the casters are preplaced with neoprene, and a door latch and tie-down angles will be provided to secure the booth (by others).   

Wall Panels The RE-125 and RE-126 wall panels are constructed of ETS-Lindgren's Type 2, 2" thick panels. The RE-130 wall panels are constructed of ETS-Lindgren's Type 2, 3" thick panels.

Jack Panel Pre-wired jack panel contains 4 1/4' phone stereo plugs and a 1-1/2" diameter pass thru, with a cover plate. A black coverplate is included.   

Finish Panels are finished with an electrostatic powder coat paint. Color is platinum.

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