Products - Depisteo VT1 Master Edition Vision Screener

Depisteo VT1 Master Edition Vision Screener

Comprehensive, computerized and user-friendly, performing the basic screening tests, glare sensitivity and resitance, also driving licence aptitude when required for certain professional screening.



  • Perform a test in 3-5 minutes

  • 2 year warranty

  • Adapted to wearers of progressive lenses

  • Lit by LEDs for an unlimited lifespan, without yellowing of the band

  • Sensitive detector to ensure correct head position

  • Uses different acuity charts to prevent memorisation of tests

  • Lightweight and inclines for ease of transport and patient adaptation

  • No intermediate buttons

  • Parameter distances (far, intermediate and near vision)

  • Parameter luminosity (high and low photopic, mesopic)

  • VT1 software compatible with XP, Windows Vista, Seven and 8

  • Programm test sequences to adapt tests to professinal risk of each patient

  • Customise operator and patient instructions

  • Interface mode to export medical results

  • Selective printing of tests

  • Programm test sequences and scoring according to Purdue Job Standards

  • Programm your own scoring to determine a pass/fail



  • Visual Acuity for adults: Letters and Landolt rings

  • Visual acuity for children

  • Glare sensitivity

  • Glare resistance

  • Contrast sensitivity

  • Hyperopia

  • Astigmatism

  • Fusion

  • Depth perception

  • Vertical and horizontal phorias for adult

  • Vertical and horizontal phorias for children

  • Ishihara-type color test

  • Amsler grid

  • Horizontal, vertical, nasal and central visual field

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