Pehratek XM-5000 VRA System

Pehratek XM-5000 Wireless VRA


  • Compact Size –Large Display

  • Wireless Operation

  • Multiple LED Patterns / Sounds

  • Control SOUND /LED LIGHTS/ IMAGES / CENTER BOX from Remote

  • Multiple Movement Patterns



System consists of two or four 11" Square boxes flat back (11" x 11" x 6"), hand-held Wireless or radio frequency remote control. Does not include centering box or installation kit. Please let us know if you would like an installation kit with your order. 


Optional Add-Ons:

  • Wireless Video Centering Monitor (VDS-510)

  • Animated Low Profile Centering Box (LPA-400)

  • LIghted Duck Low Profile Centering Box (LPC-200)

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Pehratek XM-5000 VRA System

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