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Inventis Triangle

Inventis Triangle

Inventis Triangle

Inventis Triangle

Inventis Triangle Portable Screening Audiometer

Triangle is a stand-alone, portable screening audiometer, capable of performing automatic and manual pure tone audiometry exams in air conduction as well as in bone conduction (optionally licensed).

The color touchscreen display makes the Triangle intuitive to use, thereby optimizing the daily practice.

Thanks to its lightweight compact design and the rechargeable lithium battery included, Triangle is the ideal choice for professionals on the move, as well as for those requiring a reliable solution for hearing screening.


The Automatic Pure Tone audiometry can be performed choosing among three different protocols:

  • Hughson- Westlake

  • Quick Search

  • Fixed Intensity


The basic version of Triangle offers manual and automatic pure tone audiometry in air conduction, with a testing range from 125Hz to 8kHz. You can upgrade your Triangle at any time with the following optional licenses:

  •    Bone Conduction license

     To conduct pure tone audiometry in bone conduction and to enable masking signals.

  •   “Computer-connectivity” license

     To transfer exam results to your Maestro or Noah database

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